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OBHPN Strategic Plan

Peer Mentor Support Program

In the true spirit of peer support and network collaboration, and in alignment with OBHPN's Strategic Plan to evolve our network into one which focuses on true whole-person care through an Integrated Care approach, our OBPHN members are proud to support one another in this effort through a Mentor/Mentee program.


If you are volunteering as a METNOR - THANK YOU for supporting your fellow executives in this journey.  Please SIGN UP BELOW to volunteer your expertise toward this effort.


If you are a MENTEE in search of a mentor, complete the FORM BELOW and you will be matched with a Mentor to assist you in your Integrated Care journey.

IC Peer Mentor/Mentee Sign Up Form

I am applying to be a:
For those applying for Mentor, please select your current Integrated Health Structure

Integrated=  Single organization delivering coordinated primary and Behviroal health care with uniform tools and processes

Co-located= Two organoiron with single site(s)  and some shared processes or resources

Coordinated= Two organization  with different sites with some coordinated processes

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