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How to Become A Member

Behavioral healthcare providers interested in joining OBHPN need only to submit a Letter of Interest and a short application which is reviewed by the OBHPN Board of Directors.  Upon approval, an Operating Agreement and necessary documentation verifying the criteria for membership will need to be submitted to OBHPN.


What is the Ohio Behavioral Healthcare Provider Network?


In 2017, a number of like-minded Ohio-based behavioral health care providers came together to create a distinct organization whose mission would be to maximize the health and well-being of patients in its member communities through innovative, cost-effective care management practices and quality improvement activities through relationships with managed care organizations and health delivery systems.  

Truly “Provider Owned”, all members are equal owners in the Network, working collaboratively to set the mission, vision, and goals of the of the Network.

 What are the benefits of joining OBHPN? 

Over the past five years OBHPN has fostered thriving relationships with the Ohio-based Medicaid Managed Care (MCO) organizations.  Regarded as a leader in behavioral and SUD care, the MCOs view OBHPN as a community partner towards innovation and superior outcomes.

OBHPN provides a forum for education and collaboration.  Helping one another understand how to maximize the quality and payment components of the Network’s contracts, and providing an community which encourages peer support and engagement with the common goal of improved quality outcomes for patients, and best practices to support your staff and patient outcome goals.


Through OBHPN’s relationship with Strategic Health Care, members are supported through all MCO contractual and contract-related administrative obstacles.   This includes facility credentialing support, contract management, contract related issue resolution, and advocacy.  Strategic Health Care also provides project management support to make OBHPN’s members visions come to fruition.


OBHPN and their members are influencing outcomes both at the patient level and at the system level.  Through advocacy and innovative programs, OBHPN – through their membership – brings a superior level of expertise and initiative to the managed care landscape.  Working with the MCOs and state policy makers, OBHPN is in unique position to drive change and outcomes for our most vulnerable community members/patients.

What services will OBHPN provide? 


OBHPN has contracted with Strategic Health Care who will be responsible for managed care contract negotiations, health systems relationships, and educational resources for member facilities; credentialing and administrative support.

In conjunction with the various OBHPN committees, Strategic Health Care will: 

•    Provide the contractual support to minimize administrative hassle and optimize funding which will support important community-based programs; 

•    Provide quality improvement and data decision support to measure outcomes, implement best practices, and engage in Value-based payment models with confidence;

•    Provide project management oversight to make new and innovative program enhancements a reality.


What will be my responsibilities as an OBHPN member?

As a Provider-Owned organization, OBHPN relies on member engagement for their success.  Our healthcare reimbursement landscape is moving away from fee for service models.  As leaders in our community, OBHPN is positioned to help build what that new payment landscape looks like by engaging with MCOs, advocates, and other stakeholders in meaningful ways at the onset of this evolution.

As a Network, our outcomes are measured at an aggregate level and not at an individual.  To reach our fullest potential, we need your collaboration to lift up all of our network members through a community of transparency, collaboration, learning, and support.  

OBHPN has several committees in which member designated representatives have the opportunity to participate in and to have a voice in what OBHPN becomes over the next five, ten… twenty-plus years.  Bringing your hands-on experience and ideas for improvement are crucial.  We need you at the table to represent your patients and your organization.  Participation is key!


What is the cost of joining OBHPN?


OBHPN’s expenses have been limited to support only those activities that can directly benefit its member organization. 

What are the potential cost benefits and return on my investment for joining OBHPN?  

OBHPN offers a cost-efficient way to engage with the managed care community in a meaningful and impactful way.  Non-standard language, rates, and value-based payment opportunities more fruitful with a higher volume of providers and attributed patients. 
For measurement year 2020, more than 50% of our members averaged a 200% return on their dues investment, the remaining members averaged a 60% return on their dues investment.  And we believe that our value-based contracting is in its infancy and that return on investment will continue to grow.

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